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Fiesta of San Fermin
6th-14th July

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There are records of Pamplona’s Troupe of Giants and Bigheads that date back to the XVI century. The custom was lost in the XVIII century, however, and was not brought back until the XIX century thanks to 6 giants belonging to Pamplona Cathedral. In 1860, the City Council commissioned 8 Giants representing 4 continents from the sculptor Tadeo Amorena. This royal court, preceded by its guard of honour of bigheads, kilikis and zaldikos (horses), forms what we know as the Pamplona Troupe of Giants and Bigheads. These 25 papier mâché figures are, together with the Saint, the best loved characters in the fiesta. Each morning, the retinue walks through the centre of the city. Watching the giants, carried by young men, dance to the rhythm of the music of the pipers and txistularis is one of the prettiest spectacles in the San Fermin fiesta.

Although they form part of a group, called "Comparsa", each one has its different features and functions:

These are the oldest and best-known figures.

The City Council commissioned the current four pairs from the craftsman Tadeo Amorena in 1860. They measure between 3.85 and 3.9 metres. When placed on top of the dancers, they reach 4.2 metres. They weigh between 59 and 64 kilograms. There are eight of them, two per race and continent. No-one knows why Australasia is not represented.

Their names are: European King: "Joshemiguelerico"; European Queen: "Joshepamunda"; African King: "Selim-pia Elcalzao"; African Queen: "Larancha-la"; American King: "Toko-toko"; American Queen: "Braulia"; Asian King: "Sidi abd El Mohame"; Asian Queen: "Esther Arata".

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